MAC75ITA-DI CP Burrs Eureka Diamondinside

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  • Cod.: MAC75ITADICP
  • Brand: Eureka

Burrs Eureka Diamondinside MAC55ITA-DI CP for Specialty 75

Diamond Inside is a patented process for thermal cryogenic treatment of burrs at temperature -193° C (patent pending) resulting in the formation of a increased crystal structure that guarantees a superior wear resistance and duration.
Diamond Inside is able to prevent the optimal geometry of the sharpening longer than any other burrs typology. It allows to keep the granulometry constant for an exeptionally high quantity of ground coffee: around 1000 kg. While the total duration can reach up to 1300 kg.

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MAC75ITA-DI CP Burrs Eureka Diamondinside  Eureka